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IPV4 IPv4 address
IPV4_ANON Anonymized IPv4 address
IPV4_TYPE IPv4 Address type ipv4,unicast,global
IPV4_AS_NUM Autonomous System Number of IPv4 address 14618
IPV4_AS_SOURCE Source of Autonomous System of IPv4 address GeoIP(MaxMindDB)
IPV4_COUNTRYCODE Country Code of IPv4 address US
IPV4_COUNTRYCODE_SOURCE Source of Country Code of IPv4 address GeoIP(MaxMindDB)
IPV4_GEONAME_ID GeoName ID of Location of IPv4 Address 4744870
IPV4_GEONAME_ID_SOURCE Source of GeoName ID of IPv4 Address GeoIP(MaxMindDB)
IPV4_GEONAME_ID_TYPE Type of GeoName ID of IPv4 Address City
IPV4_REGISTRY Registry of IPv4 address ARIN
HTTP_USER_AGENT User agent identification CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
Information from databases DBIP2
AS_NUM Autonomous System Number 14618 14618 -
AS_ORGNAME Autonomous System Organization Amazon.com, Inc. AMAZON-AES -
CITY City Ashburn Ashburn Ashburn
CONTINENT_LONG Continent North America North America -
COUNTRY_LONG Country United States United States United States of America
DISTRICT District Loudoun - -
GEONAME_ID GeoName ID of Location (link to geonames.org) 4744870 4744870 -
GEONAME_ID_CONTINENT GeoName ID of Continent (link to geonames.org) 6255149 6255149 -
GEONAME_ID_COUNTRY GeoName ID of Country (link to geonames.org) 6252001 6252001 -
GEONAME_ID_DISTRICT GeoName ID of District (link to geonames.org) 4770746 - -
GEONAME_ID_REGION GeoName ID of Region (link to geonames.org) 6254928 6254928 -
ISP Internet Service Provider Amazon Technologies Inc. - -
LATITUDE Latitude (link to openstreetmap.org) 39.043800 39.048100 39.043720
LONGITUDE Longitude (link to openstreetmap.org) -77.487400 -77.472800 -77.487488
NETSPEED Net Speed Corporate - -
RADIUS Radius - 1000 -
REGION Region Virginia Virginia Virginia
TIMEZONE_NAME Time Zone Name America/New_York America/New_York -
WEATHERSTATIONCODE Weather Station Code (link to weather.com) USVA0027 - -
ZIPCODE ZIP code 20149 20149 20146
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